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Payment Processing Method Comparsion
 Verisign Pay Flow ProNon Real TimeLinkpoint API
payment gateway processing monthly fee$35-$60$0$15-$20
credit card merchant account minimum monthly fee$10-$30(if already have merchant account cost $0)$10-$30(if already have merchant account cost $0)$10-$30(if already have merchant account cost $0)
credit card merchant account discount fee2.0%-2.39%2.0%-2.39%2.0%-2.39%
complete customizability & controlled consumer experienceYESYESNO
real time credit card processingYESNOYES
SSL secured payment processingYESYESYES
don't need to redirect customer to payment gateway URLYESYESNO
utilize all shopping cart featuresYESYESNO
customer's info and invoice saved in our serverYESYESNO
EZWebCatalog supported payment methodYESYESNO

Our recommandation:
  • If you already have a credit card merchant account use the non real time payment method.
  • If you require peak performance use verisign's pay flow pro payment method.

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