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Verisign Pay Flow Pro
Verisign's Pay Flow Pro offers a seamless payment processing solution for merchants requiring peak performance and complete customizability. Ideal for enterprise merchants who require complete customizability for a controlled consumer experience. With pay flow pro you have total control of your customer's data such as credit card number, email address etc... Customers can create and maintain an account with you so next time when they check out they don't have to type in the same info again. With Pay Flow Pro you can utilize all features that EZWebCatalog offers. With other payment method such as Linkpoint API, each time a customer add an item to the shopping cart or checkout, they will be redirected to the Linkpoint API payment gateway's URL. So, your customers will not have a complete customized and controlled consumer experience. Customers can not create and maintain an account with you because we can not collect customer's data since they have been redirected to the Linkpoint API payment gateway's URL. That's why we don't support Linkpoint API. Verisign's Pay Flow Pro is the ideal real time credit card procssing service but verisign charge a monthly fee of $35 to $60.

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